EISA headphones 2023-2024. Meze Audio 109 Pro

The beloved stars of our showroom, the Meze Audio 109 Pro headphones, have been honored with the EISA 2023-2024 award by European sound experts:

"With its alluring combination of expansive, detailed soundstaging and tight, controlled bass, the 109 PRO is a superior headphone suited to all types of music. It triumphs in the looks department too, its acoustically smart design built around opulent black walnut housings and a slender, lightweight frame. And thanks to its elegant self-adjusting headband and velour earpads, listening comfort is guaranteed."

Just a quick reminder that we are the authorized distributors of Meze Audio in Armenia, and we're delighted to give you the chance to try out the headphones in our showroom, paired with Chord Electronics and iFi audio amplifiers. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 094-443-734.
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