Meze Audio 109 PRO

Meze Audio
In a rapidly evolving world of technology, we place our trust in established principles. Our latest 50mm dynamic driver, meticulously assembled and finely tuned, has allowed us to push the limits of speed, accuracy, and dynamic range.

To achieve the acoustic objectives we set for the 109 PRO, we directed our research and development efforts towards exploring materials for each component of the driver.

Our pursuit of maximizing the headphone's sonic capabilities began with the diaphragm, where we focused on striking the perfect balance between mass and stiffness.

Through our research, we have developed the Dual-Composite Diaphragm for the 109 series - a remarkable combination of Beryllium-coated polymer and cellulose-carbon fiber composite.

The copper-zinc alloy stabilizer ring, responsible for enhancing vibration absorption, has been carefully selected for its ability to significantly reduce distortion.

Accompanying these elements are the lightweight and efficient neodymium magnet and copper coil. Working in unison, they are encased within a precision-machined aluminum frame, proven to be exceptionally reliable.


Transducer Size: 50mm

Frequency response: 5Hz - 30KHz

Sensitivity: 112dB SPL at 1KHz, 1mW

Impedance: 40 Ω

Ear-cups: Black Walnut Wood

Weight: 375g

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