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In 2011, Meze Audio was established with a deep passion for exceptional sound, enduring aesthetics, and exquisite craftsmanship. Rather than following fleeting trends, our focus has always been on creating something that elicits love and admiration time and time again. Our unwavering philosophy continues to drive us forward, as we wholeheartedly pursue what we love.

We embarked on this journey humbly, initially gaining knowledge through experimentation with existing market components. Our relentless pursuit for the perfect sound and feel led us to meticulously search and research the right materials and engineering solutions.

In 2015, we reached a significant milestone with the release of the 99 Classics, following years of dedicated development. However, it was the introduction of the Empyrean in 2018 that truly opened the doors of the audiophile world for us. These two remarkable products have continued to garner awards and nominations, serving as a testament to their timeless appeal and securing them a prominent place on the "best headphones" list.

Presently, all our models, whether headphones or earphones, are meticulously developed in-house from scratch, embodying the essence of our original unwavering vision that refuses to compromise on quality.

Why Meze?

    Through an integral approach, without cutting
    short on quality, build or performance, we
    aim to blur the barriers between headphone
    design and artistry and create lifelong, meaningful experiences.

    Every aspect counts – sound, comfort,
    materials – they are all equally important in
    creating a sensorial experience. From looks to
    technology, each Meze Audio product tells a story.
    Growing up in Maramures, a scenic region from
    northwestern Romania, we were surrounded by
    ancient forests. Here, in the “land of wood”, the
    trees are sources of deep pride and honor, and
    the architecture is one with the nature.

    Born into this heritage, inspired by it, we’ve
    made it part of our mission to preserve it
    and share its meaning and value with the entire world.
    We know our choices of today can have a
    great impact in the world of tomorrow, so
    we work hard to create products that you
    want to keep in your life rather than throw away or replace.

    In this spirit, we make our headphones fully
    serviceable: every part on the chassis can
    easily be disassembled and serviced, turning
    the headphone into a legacy product to be passed on to entire generations of audio lovers.
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