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Introducing ADVAR: A Captivating Blend of Visual and Sound Art

ADVAR stands as a captivating piece of visual and sound art, exuding an air of mystery that gradually unravels with each immersive experience.

With its enchanting sound quality, ADVAR caters to a wide range of listening preferences, ensuring an auditory finesse that refuses to compromise.

Nestled within its sleek shell, a meticulously calibrated 10.2 mm single dynamic driver brings forth a vibrant and dynamic soundstage, remaining faithful to the renowned signature sound of Meze Audio. The diaphragm exhibits exceptional control across the entire frequency range, resulting in a velvety-smooth audio performance.

No intricate details were overlooked during the design process - ADVAR meticulously uncovers nuances with astounding precision, breathing life into hidden, unexpected notes that eagerly await discovery within your favorite songs.

ADVAR effortlessly pairs with any device and is exceptionally easy to drive, thanks to its high sensitivity and low impedance. This remarkable audio masterpiece delivers accuracy and fidelity from 10Hz to 30kHz, ensuring an enchanting listening experience that will mesmerize your senses.


  • Easy to drive, pairs well with any device, thanks to its high sensitivity and low impedance
  • A silhouette inspired by natural patterns, a rock-solid shape that ensures the highest stability
  • Materials: Solid stainless-steel chassis produced by metal injection molding
  • Finish: High-gloss Black Chrome plating on main shell
  • Carefully selected Type E model eartips, developed by Final Audio


  • 1x Hard case pouch
  • 5 pairs (SS, S, M, L, LL sizes) Final Audio Type-E ear tips
  • 1x MMCX SPC 1.2 m cable to 3.5 mm gold plated jack
  • 1x MMCX removal tool
  • 1x Cleaning tool
  • 1x User manual

“When we developed ADVAR, our goal was to create something meaningful. A piece of audio that’s artful, spiritual, and timeless. I think the result we achieved reflects the spirit of Meze Audio so well.”
Antonio Meze, Lead Designer & Founder Meze Audio


Driver: 10.2mm Dynamic driver

Frequency Range: 10 Hz - 30 kHz

Impedance: 31 Ω

SPL: 111dB/mW

Distortion: <1% at 1kHz

Materials: Solid stainless steel chassis produced by metal injection molding, with CNC finishing

Finish: High-gloss Black Chrome plating on main shell

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