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The Chord Company came into existence in 1984. The story began during a dinner in Salisbury one evening, when a group of Naim Audio retailers from the USA, visiting the UK, requested a high-quality DIN-to-RCA interconnect from Naim Audio UK. Among those at the table was Sally Gibb, who was then married to a Naim Audio executive. She made a historic suggestion that she could create the cables and establish a business. With the approval of Naim Audio, the journey to manufacture cables for the American market began.

Given that cables are referred to as 'cords' in the USA, the name "The Chord Company," with its clear musical connotations, appeared to be a perfect fit and it caught on quickly. Sally designed a logo, crafted the packaging, and initiated testing of prototypes. Maintaining a purely British design and construction, even though it was challenging to find suitable sources at the time, was of utmost importance. After days of searching, they eventually located suppliers of sufficient quality. Colleagues at Naim Audio contributed their expertise and advice, with many of them actively involved in the cable-building process.

The initial prototype was named the "Chrysalis Cable," and the American retailers promptly responded with an initial order for 250 units! The cables were constructed, tested, packaged, and taken to the Post Office. Invoices were typed out on a typewriter! After two consistent years, The Chord Company received its first press review (by Malcolm Steward), and then the phones began to ring...
  • Cables are not and never have been just an accessory. They are a vital part of any system and choosing the right cable is more important today than it has ever been. The correct interconnect, power or speaker cable can transform the experience and enhance the pleasure of your favourite music or movies.


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