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We help clients create high-end audio rooms for their budget by focusing on room and system design, the best-performing home theaters and recording studios.

Comprehensive product lines from all featured brands are available for you to experience at your own pace, and with each demonstration structured to take into account your wishes and requirements, we ensure that the experience is one tailormade for educated decision and emotional involvement.

We’re audiophiles. To us, this term does not mean an esoteric pursuit of absolute perfection in sound quality or an obsession with endless tuning of audio systems. On the contrary, it means that we love music so much that we want to use it to the fullest, even if we can't enjoy its life.
Our Brands are the long established companies with a rich history of producing an amazing sound and image. Instead of wasting their vital time and revenue advertising, they pour their hearts into crafting equipment that is not only visually stunning but breathtaking in sound. They don't claim to have a phenomenal product , they prove it by spending money on your emotions

In Detail

Have you ever experienced a magical moment where music has taken you to place where mere words or pictures seem obsolete? Where time seems to stand still and your troubles float away... A moment where an image is so realistic that your surroundings fade away and you are immersed into a story that transports you to another place...

Those moments are what inspires us all at HRTZ & LMN and our goal, our mission, is to create those moments for everyone. We are a team of extraordinary experienced professionals that have dedicated our lives to the audio and visual industry. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge with the right partners to deliver music and image in a way that you didn't know was possible.

Your ideal laptop setup

LehmannAudio Linear USB II comes up with a digital-analogue converter of the latest generation and a fully revised analog board using the high-grade Low-Z Copper technology. Physical, punchy lows and a filigree resolution over the entire frequency bandwidth: you will never again consider your headphones just as a makeshift solution.

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