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"Ha Ha Heartbreak" is the second studio album by the Belgian indie rock band Warhaus, released in 2017. The band, led by singer-songwriter Maarten Devoldere, explores a unique blend of indie rock, alternative pop, and baroque pop, creating a sound that is both haunting and seductive.

The album showcases Devoldere's distinctive and captivating vocals, which have a raw and emotive quality that draws the listener in. His lyrics are introspective and often explore themes of love, desire, and heartbreak, as suggested by the album's title. The songs on "Ha Ha Heartbreak" are filled with poetic imagery and vivid storytelling, creating a compelling and atmospheric listening experience.

Musically, the album is richly textured, with lush arrangements and a dark, brooding atmosphere. The instrumentation is diverse, featuring elements of rock, jazz, and even cabaret. The band's use of brass and string instruments adds a touch of elegance and grandeur to the songs, enhancing the overall cinematic quality of the album.

Standout tracks on "Ha Ha Heartbreak" include the sultry opener "Machinery," the hauntingly beautiful "Love's a Stranger," and the infectious and upbeat "Mad World." Each song on the album is meticulously crafted, with attention to detail and a sense of artistry that is evident throughout.

Warhaus' "Ha Ha Heartbreak" is an album that immerses the listener in a world of passion, melancholy, and intrigue. It captures a range of emotions and experiences, all delivered with an undeniable sense of style and sophistication. With its captivating sound and lyrical depth, the album solidifies Warhaus as a band that pushes boundaries and creates music that resonates on a profound level.
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