Rose RA180

Hi-Fi Rose
The RA180 is a state-of-the-art integrated amplifier using the latest innovative technologies. Power damping and dead times were reduced to 1/10 or less. Linearity was dramatically improved to create a near-perfect sound that transcends the boundaries between digital and analog. Enjoy the pure sound of nature provided by the RA180.

The amplifier has developed from Class A to AB to Class D. Class AB was developed to
improve the high heat generation and low efficiency of A. Class D has higher efficiency and higher output than AB, and also significantly improved S/N and THD characteristics compared to A and AB. However, the sound quality has been evaluated as inferior to A/AB due to the limitations of the digital circuit. The GaN class AD amplifier developed by HiFi ROSE has dramatically improved the problems of the existing Class D by applying innovative new materials.


Unleashing Linearity and Efficiency with Class AD Amplifiers
Class D amplifiers have long been praised for their potential to achieve perfect linear output with 100% power efficiency. However, limitations with silicon FET technology have hindered their linearity when compared to Class A/AB amplifiers. That is until now.
Introducing the RA180 amplifier, a breakthrough in audio engineering. By replacing the silicon FET with the revolutionary GaN FET material, we have overcome the limitations of previous Class D amplifiers. The result is a dramatic improvement in dead time, reduced to 1/10 or less, and a nearly perfect linear output with an incredibly fast switching speed close to zero.
With this innovation, the RA180 goes beyond the limits of traditional Class D amplifiers, delivering a smooth and natural sound that rivals analog amplifiers. Experience the seamless blend of linearity and efficiency with our Class AD amplifiers, revolutionizing the way you perceive audio reproduction.

Accurate Reproduction with PHONO Amplifier and Variable EQ
The PHONO amplifier offered by the RA180 is designed to faithfully reproduce the original intention of recording producers. At HiFi ROSE, our principle is to deliver the original sound as it was intended.
With its versatile design, the PHONO amplifier caters to various vinyl records, providing adjustable low-mid bass TURNOVER and high-frequency ROLL OFF functions. Its primary goal is to amplify the delicate signals captured by the cartridge and preserve the original sound as faithfully as possible.
The PHONO amplifier features both MOVING MAGNET and MOVING COIL stages, allowing for easy selection via a simple switch. Furthermore, we have meticulously calibrated the EQ values to correspond to the curves of different record manufacturers, using parts with an impressive 0.1% tolerance.
Experience the unparalleled precision and accuracy of the PHONO amplifier, empowering you to enjoy vinyl records exactly as they were meant to be heard. Trust HiFi ROSE to deliver an exceptional audio experience for discerning audiophiles.


Amplifier Output 4 ohm: 2OOW X 4

Amplifier Output 8 ohm: 200 W x 4

Amplifier Output BTL Mode: 400 W x 2

Input Sensitivity (XLR, RCA, Phono MM, M: 2,000 mV, 1,000 mV, 5 mV, 0.5 mV

lwh: 430x391x124

Weight: 16700g

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