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The ZEN CAN Signature 6XX analogue headphone amplifier takes sonic tailoring to the next level with ActivEQ.

Pressing the 'HD 6XX' button triggers the ZEN CAN Signature 6XX to finely tune its signal in alignment with the headphone's response attributes across the entire frequency spectrum. This process ensures that the performance is perfectly tailored to the HD 6XX headphones, much like a custom-made suit. Notably, it gently enhances the treble at 7kHz and elevates the bass below 500Hz.

Additionally, the advantages of this ActivEQ curve are equally relevant for the Sennheiser HD 650, which shares the same characteristics. It also extends its impact to other Sennheiser headphone models.

This feature can be easily turned on or off. When not using ActivEQ, the ZEN CAN Signature 6XX's performance remains skillfully balanced to deliver optimal results for a wide range of headphones and in-ear monitors.


Introducing ActivEQ
A novel capability known as ActivEQ has been introduced. This feature combines both active and passive components to craft a precise EQ curve tailored for specific headphones. This process takes place in the analog domain, ensuring there's no introduction of unwanted noise or distortion.

The ZEN CAN Signature 6XX incorporates ActivEQ, specifically designed for the popular 'MassDrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX' headphones. These high-quality headphones have amassed over 120,000 sales so far and are based on the Sennheiser HD 650 model.

While these headphones are acclaimed for their exceptional midrange performance, they do exhibit some idiosyncrasies in the bass and treble areas, which can be observed in frequency response measurements.

No pain, just gain
The ZEN CAN Signature 6XX boasts four gain options, adjustable in increments of six dB – 0dB, 6dB, 12dB, and 18dB.

These settings allow the amplifier to accurately match the headphones that are connected. The unity gain (0dB) setting is valuable for maintaining low noise when using delicate in-ear monitors. On the other hand, the higher gain settings optimize performance for more demanding headphone loads, providing impressive dynamic headroom.

Balance of power
The circuitry of the ZEN CAN Signature 6XX is built upon a balanced and symmetrical dual-mono design, a configuration typically reserved for top-tier headphone amplifiers. Several critical elements within this design have been adapted from the discrete Class A circuitry that was initially developed for iFi's premier headphone amplifier, the Pro iCAN.

To further enhance performance and align with the advancements of the ZEN CAN Signature 6XX, essential components have been upgraded. This includes the incorporation of Panasonic OS-CON and Elna Silmic II capacitors.


Inputs RCA: 3.5 (SE), 4.4mm (BAL)

Headphone output: 6.35 mm, 4.4 mm

Gain: 0 dB, 6 dB,12 dB,18 dB adjust

THD+N (A-Weighting): 0.0066% (BAL), 0.0058% (SE)

Maximum output power (16 ohms): 3.0 V / 600 mW (BAL), 4.0 V / 1000 mW (SE)

Maximum output power (300 ohms): 5.1 V / 756 mW (BAL), 7.6 V / 196 mW (SE)

Maximum output power (600 ohms): 15.2 V / 385 mW (BAL), 7.6 V / 98 mW (SE)

SNR: 122 dB (BAL)

Dynamic range: -122 dB (BAL)

Frequency Response: (-3dB): 10 Hz – 200 kHz

Fuction button: HD6XX adaption and/or XSpace; Bypass

IMD: 0.01%

Maximum power consumption: 13 W / 2.6A

lwh: 117x100x30

Weight: 850g

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