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Not familiar with the term DAC, but interested in enhancing the audio quality of your music, movies, games, podcasts, and guilty pleasures on YouTube?
Introducing the new iFi Uno, designed just for you.

Every device that functions as a digital audio source utilizes an integrated DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) to transform the digital signals from your source device – whether it's your computer, Mac, or even your car – into audible music through speakers or headphones. External DACs offer a significant improvement over the standard DACs found inside these devices.
Picture the difference in visual quality between a regular TV and an 8K Ultra HD TV – now apply that distinction to sound! This is precisely the impact an external DAC can have on your music.
The iFi Uno will elevate your sound experience to a whole new level. You'll notice a substantial enhancement in power, detail, and realism across all audio aspects.

Compact in size, the iFi Uno easily fits in the palm of your hand. Its charming, curvaceous case is crafted from a durable polymer infused with minerals. Inside, the advanced DAC and headphone amplifier circuitry enhance the fundamental audio technology across various digital devices.
To link the iFi Uno, simply connect it via the USB-C input to your Windows PC or Apple Mac. It operates without requiring a separate power source since it draws both power and audio data from the connected source.
By incorporating headphones, powered speakers, an amplifier, and separate speakers, you achieve exactly what you've been seeking – a sound that's larger, more daring, and meticulously nuanced.

DAC: Bit-Perfect DSD & DXD DAC by ESS

Digital Inputs: USB-C

Power supply requirement: USB-C 5V/0.5A

Power consumption: No Signal ~0.8W, Max Signal ~1.5W

Formats: DSD 256 /11.3MHz, DXD 384kHz, PCM 384kHz, MQA

lwh: 88x81x26 mm

Weight: 92 g



Work. Relax. Play.

A single, straightforward device. Three distinct modes that introduce subtle variations to your listening experience.
Music mode unveils intricate and captivating sound from all your beloved artists. Perfect for listening while you work.
Movie mode heightens dialogue clarity when you're streaming films and must-see TV shows. Ensuring you never miss a pivotal moment.
Game mode renders low-level sound effects with crystal-clear precision. Enabling you to consistently detect approaching foes and impending storms.

Switching between these three settings is as simple as using the button on the front panel. The illuminated logos on top of the iFi Uno indicate your chosen mode.
All our filters (referred to as the aforementioned modes) operate within the analog domain, rather than digitally. This preserves sound quality without any degradation.

Exceptional Analog Performance
The Uno's analog circuitry plays an equally crucial role in delivering the remarkable sound quality it offers, just like its digital technology does.
The headphone amplifier connects to a front-facing 3.5mm socket, integrating iFi's S-Balanced configuration to minimize noise and crosstalk. At the rear, the stereo RCA output also benefits from our expertise in providing top-tier audio circuitry in surprisingly affordable devices.
All the analog outputs feature gold plating, preventing corrosion and ensuring consistent conductivity over time.
While most DACs still employ digital volume control, ours is analog. What makes this noteworthy? When you decrease the volume on other DACs, you compromise the data within the song or soundtrack. With analog volume control, you can lower the volume while preserving the audio quality.
Lastly, there's PowerMatch – ensuring that you always have the appropriate power level to drive your headphones effectively.
With the iFi Uno, you can confidently expect exceptional sound that caters to everyone.
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