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Our super affordable phono stage makes your vinyl sound purer than ever

Indulge in a more refined listening encounter with the ZEN Air Phono – our remarkably budget-friendly phono stage.

A phono stage, sometimes referred to as a phono pre-amp, serves as the intermediary between the record cartridge/pickup (stylus) and the amplifier.

Turntable cartridges produce an exceedingly delicate signal. This signal necessitates substantial amplification, often several hundred times its original magnitude, before it reaches a volume suitable for your amplifier. A phono stage elevates the signal level from mere millivolts to full-fledged volts.

During the era when vinyl constituted the standard for audio recording, phono stages were integrated into receivers and amplifiers, facilitating a direct connection with a turntable. In contemporary times, most receivers and amps lack a built-in phono stage, making a standalone unit imperative.

For turntables lacking an integrated phono stage, this device is indispensable. Moreover, it has the capacity to enhance a rudimentary built-in phono stage within a turntable or amplifier system.


Purer still
Immersing oneself in music through vinyl is truly nourishing for the soul. The purity of the sound surpasses that of simply playing a track on your phone or computer.

Elevate this experience to an even greater level of purity by minimizing the presence of hiss, noise, and rumble on your records, all made possible with the ZEN Air Phono.

MC and MM

There are two kinds of turntable cartridge – Moving Magnet and Moving Coil – and the ZEN Air Phono works with both of them.
  • The MM setting is for cartridges with an output voltage of 2mV and higher.
  • The MC setting for outputs less than 2mV.
You use the gain switch on the rear to change this setting.
It also has a precise RIAA equalisation setting to satisfy the most demanding vinyl lover.


Power supply requirement: DC 5V / ≥1.0A (centre +ve)

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz (±0.15dB)

Channel Separation: > 75dB (1kHz all modes)

Max Output Voltage RMS: 6.5V RMS 600Ω (<1% THD & N)

Gain MM: 40dB

Gain MC: 64dB

Input Impedance MM: 47k

Input Impedance MC: 1k

Output Impedance: 100Ω

Power consumption: <1.8W

lwh: 158x117x35

Weight: 320g

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